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Beginning Your Next Stage with the First Step

I meet my client exactly where she is today and learn what’s going on around her.

What’s present and what’s missing?

What are the lovely bits of her life and where’s the opportunity to meet new goals?

What questions does she bring?

I learn where the sharp edges lie and where the pinch points stall her progress.

I invite her to take a deep dive into the process and to tour her life with me.

I’m here to be her ally, her backstop, her safe space for exploration.

I connect

I listen

I hear what she has to say

...things she may not have told anyone. We create a safe space.

I am here to challenge her while respecting her for all of who she is.

I fully acknowledge the “what is.” And we step forward together into the “what’s next?” with care, energy, and collaboration.

I am her warm landing, an overdue ear that’s eager to listen.

She has arrived at a place of growth, respect, and possibilities.

With her trust, I find the desert of her experience and bring it fresh water so she can bloom once again.

Where do you start?

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