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Are You Prioritizing Play?

How much fun is playtime as an adult? Clearly, life is not just about fun and games, but playtime is valuable for your health and well-being. Play will help you release stress, get in touch with your emotions, and feel more creative. Prioritizing play also has the power to boost your mood, self-esteem, and connection to self. When was the last time you felt the joy, laughter, and lightness that come from play? If you want to relieve stress, improve brain function, and get those creative juices flowing, I have a challenge for you! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to block out AT LEAST 2 hours this weekend to live, love, and laugh your heart out…PLAY! Are you in? Leave a comment letting me know what you have planned. It's okay to let loose and have fun without worrying about any particular goal or outcome. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl, after all. By giving yourself permission to play with the joyful abandon of childhood, you can unlock a collection of health benefits that will stay with you throughout your life. It can help relieve stress, improve brain function, and get those creative juices flowing. Plus, it can help you build stronger relationships and connect better with others. And who doesn't want to feel young and energetic? Playing can also hone your social skills, as well as heal emotional wounds you may be carrying. So go ahead, give yourself permission to play, and enjoy all the powerful benefits it offers! Why not right now? Take a few minutes to complete one of these poetry prompts to let your thoughts flow freely as you play with words. Give it a whirl and see where it takes you! ACCEPTANCE POEM (Title) The (animal) cannot help being (adjective). The plant cannot help being (adjective). The (celestial body) cannot help being (adjective). And I cannot help being (your name). Even in my sleep, I dream of (something you love). I swim in the rivers of my (emotion). I climb through the mountains of my (emotion). I travel for years and years. And on the other side Is (Your name), beautiful (Your name), (his/her/their adjective) (noun) (verb)ing in the (noun). FRIENDSHIP POEM (Title) You and I are (noun) and (noun) You and I are (verb)ing and (verb)ing. When I am deep in (noun) You come to me like a (verb)ing (noun). When you are lost in (noun), I go to you like a (verb)ing (noun). Let the world say everything is (adjective) I would bring you (noun) if you were (adjective). Share one with me, and I’ll share one with you! #ManagingUncertainty #CoachingForWomen #CoreValues #AuthenticSelf #Mindfulness #BeIntentional #Resilience #StressManagement #LifePurpose #Confidence #SettingBoundaries #SelfCompassion

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