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Embrace a Chaotic Time of Your Life and Create Constructive Change

It may not feel like it, but one of the best times to step forward into change is during the chaos. Why is that?

Note: I’m speaking of relative chaos, meaning a time of great change, not an actual disaster.

If you think about it, a time of massive change means that new bonds, paths, and relationships are being formed while some old ones are being broken. Old norms are being challenged while new realities can put down roots.

Change during chaos is dynamic, not linear. In more normal situations, you may have to select just one or two things to change at the same time.

When more balls are up in the air, you can catch as many as you’d like. When the balls aren't in motion, it can require more energy to move them forward.

It’s no accident that many people changed their mode of work, relationships, physical surroundings, family structure (new pets!), and home life during the pandemic.

Many have compared the chaos of the pandemic to the time that a caterpillar forms a chrysalis prior to becoming a butterfly.

Rather than being a linear process of physical transformation, the caterpillar liquefies its body — completely changing most structures — before emerging as a butterfly.

That’s a lot of change all at once, but look at the end result!

Where are you on your change journey?

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