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Spring is here. It’s time to make a plan…Or is it?

The pandemic has eased due to vaccinations, businesses are opening up, and some people have put their planning into high gear.

The first step in creating your future and reaching your next level is putting together an airtight plan, right?

Maybe not. Here’s why…

I used to believe that with enough research, hard work, and clever tactics, I could plan my way into reaching my goals.

When I jumped into a job search immediately after a corporate downsizing, I went into planning mode and launched a new strategy to reach my goals with the same vigor I applied to my previous job.

But I missed a crucial step…

I failed to reevaluate my goals in a substantive way.

The biggest mistake I made was going into autopilot, searching for a similar job, in a similar industry without even checking in with myself to get clear on what I really wanted.

I did not take the time to align my current situation with my true goals.

I launched into Step One of my job search without attending to Step Zero: Define what’s was truly important to me:

  • What is my authentic truth?

  • What brings me joy?

  • What steadies me during difficult times?

  • What gets me out of bed in the morning?

Something shifted when I discovered that consulting and coaching lit me up in a way that my previous corporate work didn’t.

Coaching clients is my True North, in full alignment with my core values.

Have you found your True North? Share in the comments below!

When you fail to focus on your True North before laying out your plan, your path can be obscured by the expectation to please and serve others first.

Send me a DM if you’ve put others first in your career, family, and other areas in your life and you’re ready to step into alignment with your True North.

We’ll schedule a call and have a conversation about how you can put yourself first and reach your goals in the most authentic way possible.

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