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Building resilience

Resilience is far more than being able to withstand difficult challenges.

I once thought that resilience was somewhat of a rigid quality -- being strong and able to withstand the blows of illness, tragedy, or injury. I would grit my teeth and stubbornly plough through what I saw as an endurance test.

I then learned that there’s a large element of flexibility and adaptability in resilience, instead of brute strength and bull-headed endurance.

Self care is critical to building and sustaining resilience over time. Wellness gives you the inner and outer strength to adapt to challenging situations while keeping you on your feet.

A critical element of resilience is having a strong sense of your purpose, of knowing what’s important to you and your life.

Understanding and living your core values enables you to stand with strength, to operate with flexibility, and to use your internal compass to navigate to where you want to be.

Email me at if you’d like to explore your core values that inspire, excite and sustain you and we can have a complimentary session together.


Susan is a Personal and Leadership coach serving professional women who want to get to the next level by reigniting their purpose, stepping into their power and having the impact they want on their world.

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