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What Happens When You Don't Show Up For Yourself?

Your to-do list is maxed.

Your calendar is completely full.

You’re meeting just the baseline obligations of self, family, and job.

You can’t find the extra energy to go beyond.

Others still turn to you for the help that you’ve always provided them, and the guilt sets in if you don't help them first.

Are you showing up for yourself? Do all other priorities come first?

It’s important to nourish yourself and your needs so that you are able to tend to others. Unless your core is whole and strong, anything that you provide to the rest of your world won’t be useful and will deplete you.

Take a moment to turn inward, listen to your inner voice, and make sure that you’re meeting your own needs first.

Tune into your inner guide, and sift through the to-do list, inbox, and calls with greater clarity of purpose. Non-priority items and requests will fall away, saving you time each day. I promise.

Let's talk about how to make this happen if you're stuck.

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