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Joining the Women's Wellness Exchange

I am THRILLED to join the amazing community of women practitioners at the Women’s Wellness Exchange!

There is such a wealth of offerings and experience that enable women to focus on their self-care.

Below is the overview, mission, and vision for the WWE:

"The Women’s Wellness Exchange is a home base for holistic health fueled by a community of female entrepreneurs. We want to empower people through support, services, and products through our community of female holistic practitioners who want to help you know, love, trust and take better care of your beautiful body.

Our mission is to create the largest collective community of female entrepreneurs in the wellness field to make self-care more approachable, accessible, and attainable.

Our vision is to help create a healthier and happier society where people feel more empowered, educated, and inspired to take better care of their bodies and to support female entrepreneurs who want to fulfill their passion and purpose while creating a business that supports a healthy lifestyle."


Questions about how coaching helps your self care? Feel free to DM me


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