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Marking time, one moment at a time

As we launch the new, it’s hard to put a finger on time that has seemed to change shape and speed on a whim during 2020.

Is time a gas, liquid, or solid? Yes, is the answer.

Time has felt oppressively slow as we wait for good news, and impossibly fast, slipping through each day and week. There’s not enough time; there’s too much time.

A mindfulness meditation practice teaches us to be fully in the moment. It challenges us to be present with what is here right now, using our breath and senses to anchor our experience.

This gentle anchoring enables us to bring our minds back to the present moment instead of spinning into the future with worries or digging into the past with regrets.

What a challenge it is to be mindful amidst the chaos that this pandemic delivers each day. Events in the news cycle bring thoughts of the future. The “what ifs” grow like mold on the compost.

Yet it is when we are more fully “here” and mindful in the moment, we can take care of ourselves, loved ones, and our work.

In turn, this allows us to step into the future with greater flexibility and resilience. We’ll need it!

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