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Through the fog of COVID

It is tempting to focus on the restrictions of our lives under the pandemic, but flipping frustration into creativity will expand your horizons.

Yesterday the new Coronavirus restrictions went into effect in California and today dawned with heavy skies. 

It’s tempting to worry about what’s next, how imminent the COVID danger is, and what the restrictions will prevent me from doing. But with today's fog cooling my mind, I can refocus my interpretation. 

This year I’ve already adapted to sheltering in place, social distancing, and other COVID measures. I’m still here and healthy after 8 months of restrictions and have a colorful collection of protective masks.

I can be creative despite this COVID climate by overlaying the safety guidelines onto my own: my values and vision. I’ve designed a festive open-air dining area out of my parking space on the ground floor of my building.

The space came alive for an al fresco dinner party with colorful curtains, a freshly painted wall, and good company. This open space will also double as a COVID-safe photography studio.

Vision comes from within, your inner self, not from external circumstances. Look inward first and step through the fog of difficult times block by block.

You’ll still reach your intended goals without looking for the horizon with every step.

Email if you'd like to have a conversation to clarify your values for guidance in difficult times.


Susan is a Personal and Leadership coach serving professional women who want to get to the next level by reigniting their purpose, stepping into their power and having the impact they want on their world.

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