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Keeping an Eye on Your Authentic Goals as You Make Decisions

It pays to be mindful and live fully in the present moment, but it doesn’t pay to box yourself in with your decisions, taking you off your authentic path.  

Keep your goals in mind as you operate in your day-to-day world. Call on your core values to give you guidance for a decision made today so that the outcome will line up with your goals of tomorrow.

A client recently said that using her core values, “helped me simplify what I valued and use that as a north star when making decisions — it was such a relief to rely on a touchstone when I felt like I was getting untethered, distracted and/or overwhelmed.”

If you’re not sure what your core values are, think of the enduring ideas that you stand by and give you joy, steadiness, or a sense of flow.  

Or think of a conversation in which it felt like someone had kicked you in the shins metaphorically -- chances are, one or more of your core values had been challenged. 

Your values might include












power, or

several others

Staying aligned with your core values creates greater authenticity in your decisions and keeps your actions in line with your future self and resonant with your inner voice.

Are you staying on track with your goals right now? 

Not sure? Contact me and we can dive into what your core values are trying to tell you about the Future You and how to get there.

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