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What Brings You Joy?

This isn’t a frivolous question about momentary thrills. Knowing what brings you joy can be one of the keys to reaching your goals.

I’m not talking about Marie Kondo-izing your home with an inventory of your possessions, evaluating what to keep and toss.

Instead, consider which pursuits and core values bring you joy when you think about them, participate in them, or celebrate them.

For some people, regeneration brings them joy and they surround themselves with plants, animals, and cultivation.

For others, creativity — whether on or off the job — brings them joy and they get lost in their work.

Being of service to others brings many people joy.

What brings you joy? Share in the comments.

If you’re having trouble identifying what core values bring you joy and give you energy, send me a DM and we’ll look for them together!

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