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Are You Ready?

When Halloween arrives, the realization that the end of the year is near hits me like a snap of a wet towel.

As soon as the Walgreens candy aisle doubles in size, it signals that the end of the year holidays have begun and the relentless march towards the new year has accelerated.

With each holiday milestone, the refrain of “I’ve got to get organized! There’s so much to do before the new year!” echoes through my head.

Travel to book. Gifts to shop for. And the year-end-push to gain more clients, lose more weight, increase my fitness, organize my home, and so on.

On a particularly stressful day, there’s a big finger pointing back at me asking, “What did you do all year? What have you got to show for it? Why aren’t you farther along with your plan?”

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

With a dose of reality that holds a mirror up to 2021, it’s clear that I haven’t wasted it and there’s time to tackle the real priorities in the time that remains.

Who’s judging this end-of-year, dog-and-pony, “look what I accomplished in 2021” show anyway?

I am. The same person who is setting these rules and arbitrary goals. Why is the end of the year any different than the middle?

So who’s judging your End of Year Reckoning?

Nothing really has to happen by the end of the year, not even your taxes, the unavoidable, annual reckoning. Gifts don’t really need to arrive on time, and likely won’t during a year of supply-chain slowdowns.

It’s time to pull The List -- capital letters for importance -- out of your brain, write it down and let it breathe for a bit.

Then take another look at it, find the priorities, and create the steps to make them happen.

Remember that this is the season to celebrate family and friends, gather with gratitude, and give thanks that we’ve reached another holiday season together.

This will help to guide the setting of your priorities.

Breathe in. Breathe out. And re-write the list with compassion.

Are you having trouble with your self compassion? I've got some ideas for you. DM me and we can set up a free clarity call.

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