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Breathe, Accept, and Step Your Way Through Transitions

Transitions can be hard, especially when they’re foisted on you, against your choice. Job changes, injuries, and the ultimate, aging

I’m reminded of this as I recently spent time with my aging mother in her home in Maine.

In addition to the widowhood of the past 11 years, she grapples with the expected aging process that accompanies being 97 years old: arthritis, reduced eyesight and hearing, unsteady balance, and reduced energy.

These, she manages with relative grace, but the shift from Apple Mail to Gmail threatens her peace of mind and has produced protests for weeks. “Everything is different! I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Only one thing has changed, but it’s thrown her for a loop. Googling for information is still the same. Accessing the Washington Post is still the same. Ordering dog food from is still the same.

But since one significant thing changed: it’s all *feeling* different to her. This adds confusion and anxiety where there should be little.

We’ve worked to re-create the path to accessing her email while reminding her of how the other things have stayed the same. (We’ll get there.)

What’s important for all of us in transition is to find the familiar ground that hasn’t changed and use that to anchor ourselves.

Identify the solid ground that’s still under your feet so that you can focus on mitigating the stress of a forced transition can produce.

Preserve your energy and attention to maintain your wellness and peace of mind while taking steps towards the goal you’d like to land on.

It can be done.

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